bringing advanced and environmentally sustainable technology to Wisconsin.
AFE is committed to developing environmentally responsible and sustainable energy sources throughout the world. Listed below are projects of various stages that we are currently involved with:
North American projects
  • Project Apollo: (Wisconsin) Non–hazardous industrial waste
  • Project Heartland: (Illinois) MSW RDF
  • Project Marquette: (Midwest) Hazardous Industrial Waste
Global projects
  • Project North Sea: (United Kingdom) MSW/RDF
  • Project Magellan: (Jamaica) Biomass, MSW, tires
  • Project Coral Bay: (Mauritius) Sugar cane bagasse
  • Project Good Hope: (Johannesburg, South Africa) MSW, medical wastes

What is Plasma Gasification?

Plasma gasification harnesses the power of plasma to convert waste into an energy-rich synthesis gas that can used to produce clean energy.

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Why Plasma Gasification?

From reducing the need for landfills to reducing greenhouse gases, plasma gasification is the next generation of waste-to-energy technology.

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